Should you buy a 5G phone in India in 2020?

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Should you buy a 5G phone in India in 2020?

What is 5G?

5g is the fifth-generation wireless network technology. Many of the companies have started developing its 5 g services in late 2019 and more companies are going to join this year.

 5G in India.

Taking it simple 5G is still a dream for Indian Company because till now we didn’t hear about any company that is working on 5G.

More or less it is expected that Jio will launch 5 G first in India but definitely not in 2020. It is expected to launch in 2021 mid.

Benefits of 5G Service?

If you upgrade from any 2G or 3G to 4G you must have seen a huge change in speed either it is download or upload. But I said but if you will upgrade from 4 G to 5 G you will definitely not see a tremendous change in speed yes speed will increase but obvious but it will not impact your experience.

Want to know more with example in Hindi watch the below video.

Why 5G

Definitely 5G speed is going to be high but 5 G is specially made for home automation. You also know as all things are growing fast and the machine is taking place of a human. It is aimed at the high-speed connection to smart devices called the ‘Internet of Things’.

Should we buy a 5G phone

Let me make you understand you with an example –

Imagine your parents are talking about your marriage even they have not started seeing Girl for u even you also don’t have any Gf. And just listening to the discussion of your parents you have gone to the market and bought a beautiful bridegroom dress and wore them and made yourself ready for Marriage.

Example 2-

In Hindi, there is Kahawat what we say” Mandir Bana Nahi bhikhari aa Gaye”

Don’t be offended there is no logic to buy 5 G phone right now, If you still want to buy go, please…

Get yourself a phone when there is a 5G network it will be worth buying but for till now please don’t. If you still want to buy and know about 5G Phones in India,  CLICK HERE

5G will be available everywhere!!!

This question is better to be asked by the telecom companies as they can only decide where they have to give where they do not have to give. Just like 4G when it will be fully developed it will be all over the Indian just like 4G.

For current right now it is not in India Even not in testing mode. I think it will take almost 2 years to be available in full India, this is my opinion let me know what you think in the comment section…

 How expensive will be 5G?

No one knows about it, as you have seen 4G was firstly given free then it was charged. It will be a little more expensive than 4G as comparatively. Let me what you think about this…

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Watch the Video Below in Hindi– 

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