DJI Osmo Pocket 1 Review in 2023

Well, first of all, I bought DJI Osmo Pocket from Amazon in Oct 2020 and this was the first camera that I bought for Vlogging. 

Within the first days of buying the device, I found the device was switching off again and again when I use the gimbal. I contacted Amazon and placed a replacement request for the unit After contacting Dji support.  

Now I have been using it in every Scenario and till now I am happy with the product. This is my personal review which I felt after using Ruggedly personally and professionally for more than 5 months.

Table of Contents

Pros of DJI Osmo Pocket

  1. Smallest Gimbal in the market.
  2. Very lightweight and record video to 4k at 60fps.
  3. the pro mode can be used to use its full potential and the manual mode.
  4. The video quality is pretty good.
  5. Great for selfie panorama.
  6. It uses a 3 x 9 panorama ( No 9 x 9 panorama is there as of now ).
  7. Ability to shoot 1-2 second handheld night photos /panoramas without any issues.
  8. The case included in the package is pretty good.
  9. Slow-motion and motion laps are awesome and flawless 
  10. Takes 4-5  sec to boot up 
  11. Easy to vlog in the market ( for vloggers)
  12. Great detailing in pictures and video (in Good Light or Daylight)

Cons of DJI Osmo Pocket

  1. The way it is connected to the phone has an inherent issue it may harm your device charging connector in a long run.
  2. Very less amount of accessories are available in India.
  3. Delicate – Get a Go pro or Insta 360 one r, if you need a camera for rugged use. Osmo pocket isn’t made to replace adventure cameras.
  4. FOV ( Field of View ) is about 80 degrees – which should be better in respect of time.
  5. Battery life is just ok. Battery drops very quickly if the device is used with the phone or wifi module.
  6. You can only record 1080p for Timelapse at this point in time.
  7. The camera heats up pretty quickly while shooting videos or time-lapses.



After Sales Service

DJI doesn’t have a Service center for the Osmo pocket( Recommend Service center mentioned on DJI’s website is not authorized to carry out repairs for Osmo Pocket nor do they have parts for the same). So, if you need to get it repaired you will have to contact DJI support first, and once it is determined that the device needs repair. You will have to contact Ingram Micro somehow for getting it repaired via the Hong Kong Service Center ( I have confirmed this via DJI support ). Whole After sales support from DJI is a mess.


It’s an Awesome compact Vlogging camera with a gimble. But the service is not good in India. So, buy at your risk as I have done.

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