What is Computer? Features, Functions and Usage

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Today, computers are all around us. From smartphones to desktop computers, they’re changing the way that we live our lives. But wait have you ever asked yourself,

“What exactly Is a computer?”

It is an electronic device that performs mathematical and non-mathematical functions. It takes data as input, processes them, and provides meaningful results as output. We collect immature facts as data and these data are put into the computer. It processes these data and provides information to us.

Often people think that the computer is like an almighty superman but it is not. In easy words, it is simply an automatic electronic machine that works at high speed and does not make any mistakes. Its capacity is limited. It is derived from the English word compute which means to compute. In Hindi, it is called a computer. It is used to process and collect a lot of information.

The computer cannot do its work alone. It takes the help of a variety of devices and programs to perform a task. Computer tools and programs are commonly known as ‘Hardware and Software’ respectively.

It sees data as 0’s and 1’s, but it knows how to combine them into more complex things, such as a photograph, movie, website, game, and much more. It uses a combination of hardware and software. Hence, the knowledge of computers is a necessity for each and everybody in this whole world. The invention of the computer has changed our simple manual works to easier life of automated works to meet the global demand for higher productivity and high efficiency.

A computer is a device and processes it for any result according to the software or program. The computer has been termed as artificial intelligence. Its memory power is higher than that of humans.


  • It works at a faster pace, which means time savings.
  • It works flawlessly.
  • It provides permanent and large storage capacity.
  • It is capable of making rapid decisions according to predetermined instructions.


  • In the field of education
  • In scientific research
  • In Railway and Airline Reservation
  • in bank
  • In defense
  • In business
  • In communication
  • In entertainment
  • Many more Place


  • Data Collection
  • Data storage
  • Data Processing
  • Data output


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